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Square Square

Rated 5 / 5 stars

For 3 days game turned out to be awesome :P. Guys, if you are interested there is second ending... Small tip - 60 times 10 seconds.

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Atlantis Defender! Atlantis Defender!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well, first of all, I like most of your content, especially animations, but lately, after looking closer to your arts, I found a disturbing tendency of yours. You stopped develop your skills. Almost every single one of your pieces was drawn very similar to another. Same ligh, same shading, and almost no texture what so ever, and I dont mean texture as a photo texture, but drawn by hand ones.

Also lighting in this piece doesnt make much sense. I know someone else drew the background, but you should at least look at it before creating the character. Other minor thing is that, the right arm is much longer than the left one.

I kind of know where did you get the habit of drawing this way. It is becouse of creating in flash. Clean but not very detailed and kind of stiff art is what most of flash animators do everyday. My advice? Leave your comfort zone, try to draw different way, or if neccesery, try to imitate a style of other people.

I'm sure you don't need it, you are doing fine just by drawing your way, but if you wanna progress as an artist you should try something new or you will never learn anything more than you know already.

Sorry to only leave a critic, but I'm quite sure most of your fans will just leave a positive revives, and thats just not very constructive, Hopefuly this will help. : )

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